Looking for a Taste of the Tropics? Hawaii Tests a New Treat

2 6oz bags of Hawaiian Host Tropical Fruit Snacks
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What do you think “Aloha” tastes like?

Local company, Hawaiian Host, thinks it knows.

The company says its newly-released treat, Tropical Fruit Bites, captures the essence of Aloha, and its executives are betting its loyal fan-base and new customers will agree.

According to Hawaiian Host, its new creation combines real tropical fruit centers covered in its signature milk chocolate or premium dark chocolate to create a delicious, but healthy snacking option.

Tropical Fruit Bites come in three flavors: ripe banana, sweet coconut, and savory pineapple and are currently available in participating stores in 6 oz. resealable bags. But, you have to be in Hawaii to take advantage of the company’s new product—the item is only available in the islands, at least for now.

The good news? Hawaiian Host products are sold on all the main Hawaiian islands, except Lanai. So, when you book your all-inclusive vacation, vacation package, or hotel through Hawaii Aloha Travel and need a healthy snack, no need to panic—you’ll be able to find a store that carries the Hawaiian Host’s yummy offerings.

“Our product innovation specialists have been working hard to develop the perfect combination of tropical fruit and chocolate to create a great tasting and healthier treat,” said Hawaiian Host, Inc. President and CEO Keith Sakamoto. “Tropical Fruit Bites expands our taste offerings while aligning perfectly with our brand. We are confident that it will become another fan favorite for locals and visitors.”

The company is confident health-conscious customers will take full advantage of the new, healthier Hawaii snacks. In fact, each 6 oz. bag contains approximately one cup of real tropical fruit, which is half the recommended daily serving size of fruit for adults. Since dried fruits are a good source of essential nutrients, dietary fiber, and potassium (and low in sodium), the company is touting Tropical Fruit Bites as the healthy alternative for customers who want a delicious, but nutritious snack.

Hawaiian Host, Inc. has been a Hawaiian staple since 1927, when Mamoru Takitani purchased a local confectioner and rebranded it Hawaiian Host. It’s most famous for its chocolate-covered macadamia nuts, but offers more than 250 confectionary products sold in more than 23 countries around the world. And, the company still uses the original secret chocolate recipe developed by Takitani himself!

If you want to learn more about Hawaiian Host’s Tropical Fruit Bites, just visit their website at  www.hawaiianhost.com.

By the way, the treats have just been released this month, so you can be among the first to try them!

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