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The Hawaii Tourism Authority (HTA) and Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau (HVCB) have created a new video “Kuleana Campaign” to educate visitors about cultural norms and practices unique to the Aloha State. These unwritten rules are important to knowing what it means “Live Aloha” while enjoying a Hawaii vacation.

All of the videos are available on youtube.com. Links to the Kuleana Campaign videos are provided at the end of this post.

“Kuleana” can be loosely defined as concern or responsibility for one’s environment and community. Hawaiian culture is indigenous to the islands, and there many aspects of life here that visitors are unaware of. From respecting and keeping to hiking trails to protecting our delicate marine and rainforest ecosystem, visitors can sometimes cause damage without knowing it. The Kuleana Campaign is designed to prevent that.

Take in a concert after a hike along the Alakai Swamp Trail.

Hawaii welcomes millions of visitors from all over the world year-round. But travelers from inside the US make up Hawaii’s largest visitor group. And while Hawaii is one of the 50 states, for visitors from the mainland it can feel like visiting another country. This, of course, is part of what makes Hawaii such an attractive destination for mainland visitors.

Terms like Live Aloha and the Aloha Spirit are more than just catchy marketing phrases. They embody a respect for the sea and land, and for the people that communities and businesses that depend on them. The purpose of the Kuleana Campaign is to educate visitors about cultural and environmental values they might not otherwise be exposed to or understand.

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The Kuleana Campaign features a series of 15-, 30-, and 60-second videos about each of the major Hawaiian Islands (Hawaii Island, Oahu, Maui, and Kauai). The explain aspects of culture, Land Safety & Conservation, Ocean Safety & Conservation, and Travel Pono (righteousness). The short videos provide a wealth of knowledge for Hawaii visitors and will help make a Hawaii vacation more enjoyable and culturally and environmentally conscious.

The videos feature 15 different Hawaii residents, all experts in their respective fields, and provide valuable insight into ocean safety, native Hawaiian cultural practices, marine biology, and hiking trail safety. For those of us that live in Hawaii, the information provided by the videos will be common knowledge. That is the point of the Kuleana Campaign: to impart local knowledge to Hawaii visitors before they arrive and during their stay.

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Alaska Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, and Southwest Airlines are all showing the videos to inbound passengers. A number of Hawaii hotels and resorts are showing the Kuleana Campaign videos in their rooms and suites. Facebook and Instagram users will occasionally see these videos in their feeds, thanks to “geo-targeting” technology. The point is to get the word out. All of the videos have been translated into the Chinese, Japanese, and Korean languages.

We here at Hawaii Aloha Travel always encourage visitors to travel in the Aloha State responsibly, and we are local experts on all things Hawaii. If you have any questions about a Hawaii vacation, we are here to make sure that you have the best and most memorable experience possible. That is our Kuleana!

Here are links the Kuleana Campaign videos:

Hawaii Travel Tips: Culture, https://youtu.be/pkyLrXz-RkA
Hawaii Travel Tips: Land Safety, https://youtu.be/WWnJuk7TJpg
Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation, https://youtu.be/GpA5vik22EE
Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Safety, https://youtu.be/JWBb0wClbDg

Kauai Travel Tips: Culture, https://youtu.be/U28HqfAUgXA
Kauai Travel Tips: Land Safety, https://youtu.be/f6quQU5AtjM
Kauai Travel Tips: Ocean Safety, https://youtu.be/bj3mV3-1bnA
Kauai Travel Tips: Travel Pono, https://youtu.be/hzuQRtWinsQ

Oahu Travel Tips: Culture, https://youtu.be/6_WAa-CvaEw
Oahu Travel Tips: Land Safety and Conservation, https://youtu.be/PH-auh-4hPs
Oahu Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation, https://youtu.be/jlRnwekgcIc
Oahu Travel Tips: Ocean Safety, https://youtu.be/KkMJl3w-oNM

Maui Travel Tips: Astute Renting, https://youtu.be/Gr9qNC0MzYg
Maui Travel Tips: Culture, https://youtu.be/g-E-YsNZJuY
Maui Travel Tips: Ocean Conservation, https://youtu.be/5_AKQS1WFxM
Maui Travel Tips: Ocean Safety, https://youtu.be/rRJVx4Uzkx0

Hawaii Island
Island of Hawaii Travel Tips: Culture, https://youtu.be/zIvru33NBFg
Island of Hawaii Travel Tips: Land Safety, https://youtu.be/vBPfXz-ODLU
Island of Hawaii Travel Tips: Ocean Safety, https://youtu.be/DU80f5SsFZg
Island of Hawaii Travel Tips: Travel Pono, https://youtu.be/QXT9bkkfefU