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Just minutes from Ala Moana Shopping Center, a stretch of more shops and eateries can be found on Keeaumoku Street. You’ll see tourists and locals crowding both sides of the busy straightaway at almost all hours of the day. Although they’re up to their elbows with shopping bags, it’s obvious they follow the mantra, “Shop ‘til you drop.” They’ll be doing a lot more of it as head to more stores on Keeaumoku. Shop, shop, shop! From Ala Moana to the stores on Keeaumoku Street.

At the mauka side of Ala Moana, Keeaumoku Street is home to many local boutiques as well as bargain stores, like Ross, Walmart and Walgreens. They’re usually filled with tourists looking to find a good deal on Hawaii souvenirs. In fact, both Walmart and Walgreens have sections of the stores dedicated to such memorabilia with prices much cheaper than what you’ll find at an ABC Store in Waikiki.

Coffee mugs, towels, keychains and T-shirts make great souvenirs. But it’s more likely you’ll be seeing tourists balancing boxes of chocolate covered macadamia nuts on their way to the check-out lines; maybe just as likely as seeing a newly-wed couple getting their pictures taken on the beach.

Keeaumoku Street can be busy almost any day of the week.

And when it comes to food, Keeaumoku has got you covered in coffee, sushi, ramen, Mexican food, Subway and plate lunches. We like to get pho from Pho Saigon, which is right across of Walmart. Be warned, however, that the more mauka you go, the more “adult-oriented.” There are a couple of bars and liquor stores tucked away, and I probably should mention one of the most popular strip clubs on the island can be found on Keeaumoku as well, making it a place for fun and food by day and night.


Photo Credit: Noa Myers


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