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Kayaking Kealakekua Bay on the Hawaii Island used to be one of the top To Do’s for visitors. Now, it’s limited to just a few kayak rental companies that fill up pretty fast, so consider yourself lucky if you get a seat in the boat.

This all happened when the state started cracking down on illegal kayak vendors. Instead of targeting just the illegal ones, the state shut down operations for all companies and residents. Only recently were two kayak companies given the green light to resume business as usual. Aloha Kayaks and Kona Boys must adhere to strict state guidelines, including limiting the number of landings and the number of customers per trip.

This circumstance on the Hawaii Island is similar to what was happening in Kailua Beach recently. Illegal rental companies ruined it for the legal ones with permits. Now, there’s a ban on all commercial activities at the beach. And now, tourists can no longer enjoy kayak tours to Flat Island or a guided bus ride from town.

No word yet on whether all kayak companies will be able to resume operations at Kealakekua Bay. However, beach-goers can still go snorkeling and swimming. The bay is not only a state historical park but a Marine Life Conservation District (MLCD) as well. That means fish and other aquatic life are able to grow and breed in a protected area.



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