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Kauai has a love affair with Elvis Presley. He wasn’t just the King of Rock ‘n Roll; to them, he was (and still is) the King of Kauai – that slick-haired hunk who stole women’s hearts with his swag and made them swoon with every knee shake and hip sway.

Today’s no different. Mention the Coco Palms Resort to anyone, and you’ll immediately know what I mean. The classic crooner filmed Blue Hawaii there in the 1960s, only to return a couple years later to film a second movie, Paradise Hawaiian Style.

But that famous wedding ceremony in the final scene of Blue Hawaii is what really stuck for the island…because it happened twice. Elvis wooed his onscreen bride with the Hawaiian Wedding Song, as they floated through the fairytale-like lagoon in a canoe decorated with flowers. He eventually returned to Coco Palms with his real-life bride, Pricilla Presley, to reenact the scene when they renewed their marriage vows.

Soon after, every couple-to-be wanted to be like the King. Coco Palms booked wedding after wedding (500 ceremonies each year). Tourists flew in just to say they got married at the same place as Elvis. It was the place to tie the knot back then. Sadly, damage from Hurricane Iniki in 1992 forced the resort to a permanent close, and today, it remains in a decrepit state with an uncertain future.

Although Elvis and the famous resort are now just distant memories, that still hasn’t shattered the undying affinity Kauai has for the King. In fact, they’ll be hosting a huge event in honor of the King of Kauai called “Kauai Love Elvis!” This special night will feature a delicious dinner buffet, silent auction of Elvis memorabilia and an exciting performance by an Elvis tribute artist. Rock the house with the King of Rock ‘n Roll to ring in the new year of 2013, and then you’ll really see just how much Kauai loves Elvis.

KAUAI LOVES ELVIS! • Jan. 18, 2013 • Tickets $65 per person, $85 VIP seating • For more info, 808-245-3971

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