Kanemitsu Bakery is Back in Business

A rack full of baked goods in plastic bags
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The Molokai bakery famous for “hot bread” has since cleaned up its act and is back at it again, selling fresh-baked breads to swarms of people at the Made in Hawaii Festival.

Kanemitsu Bakery appeared well-stocked and ready with a support team consisting of both young and old. You could tell they were exhausted after flying to Oahu from Molokai and spending the last two days of the festival on their feet. Luckily, they had enough bread to sell on the third and final day of the popular festival because customers continued to come by the droves.

I watched the madness unfold right around opening time, when customers bought breads by the armfuls. They pointed to the shelves toward the back of the booth, indicating they wanted to also buy some okole bread. In Hawaiian okole means butt. This circular-shaped loaf had been nicknamed as such because of its round traits.

I picked up a couple of loaves myself and proceeded to peruse through the rest of the vendors. When I happened by Kanemitsu about an hour later, their table had been wiped clean of those delicious breads; however, I overheard them telling customers they were expecting another deliver in about a half hour. Meanwhile, a worker had been prepping some on the table toward the back to be sold.

Despite the negative media attention and temporary closure this mom-and-pop endured last year, Kanemitsu Bakery has made one epic comeback and will continue to swoon the taste buds of Hawaii’s residents and visitors for a very long time.


• 79 Ala Malama Ave., Kaunakakai, HI 96748 • 808-553-5855