Jack Johnson’s ‘Got You’

Artwork for Jack Johnson's single “I Got You”
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It’s been three years since singer-songwriter-surfer Jack Johnson came up with some new tunes. But his fans understand; he’s been busy being a family man, as a husband and father to three little keiki.

We always see him cruising with his kids at Rocky Point (on Oahu’s North Shore), so it’s cool that he still found some time to make music. The new single, “I Got You,” was just released this summer and features that notorious nonchalance Jack’s known for in his musical creations. The la-dee-dah whistling and fingerpicking blend nicely with Jack’s buttery vocals.

The single is a preview to what’s to come in September, when the full album hits stores. “From Here to Now to You” will be his sixth album. According to social media, he’ll be debuting a few new songs during two acoustic shows later this summer in London and New York.

The song “I’ve Got You” is about his wife, Kim. How sweet! They were college sweethearts and married in 2000. And after more than a decade since tying the knot, it’s apparent through this single that he and his wife are still living happily ever after.

Listen to the new tune here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/from-here-to-now-to-you/id659234734

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