Injured Child On A Hawaii Vacation? There’s help

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If you’re traveling to Hawaii with children, you’ll likely be doing some pretty adventurous stuff. And, when kids have adventures, there’s always the risk of injury.

But, when you’re on vacation, you may not have the luxury of time to seek treatment for a fracture or injury. Even if an Emergency Room provides immediate treatment, you may have to wait days or even weeks to get follow-up care. For many visitors, that’s simply too long to wait.

Not to worry! Shriners Hospitals for Children has just opened a Walk-In Fracture Clinic on Oahu, and it’s open 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Monday through Friday. Patients who arrive after 12:00 will be given the earliest appointment possible. What’s more? Shriners Hospitals for Children accepts all insurance carriers and even accepts patients without insurance. So, you’ll never be turned away for an inability to pay.

The Walk-In Fracture Clinic is staffed by orthopedic surgeons

The clinic is staffed by pediatric orthopedic surgeons, who can provide casts, x-rays, and expert care for your child, up to age 18. And, the expert staffing is what sets the Walk-In Fracture Clinic on Oahu apart from other clinics.

According to pediatric orthopaedic surgeon Graham Fedorak, M.D., “Children and their families will receivean opinion on a sports injury, fracture or sprain from a surgeon as opposed to another health care provider.”

Dr. Fedorak and other Shriners surgeons typically see patients with ankle sprains, ankle fractures, forearm fractures, and wrist fractures. Often, the children have gone somewhere else for care like an urgent care clinic, where they are referred to the Honolulu Shriners Hospital. “We would like to have patients come directly to us and save them time,” he said.

The Walk-In Fracture Clinic can provide casts, x-rays, and expert advice.

And, time is something many visitors don’t have. There’s no appointment necessary to see a doctor at the Walk-In Fracture Clinic on Oahu, which is a plus for many visitors. After all, who wants to spend their Hawaii vacation waiting to see a doctor?

According to orthopedic surgeon Jonathan Pellett, M.D., “all the members of the team are here taking care of lots of kids with orthopedic and bone problems, so it’s just a natural fit that somebody with a fracture could slide right in and and get their treatment.”

That ability to “slide right in” to an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon could also save visitors a big hassle when they return home, too. Having already seen a doctor, they can have their records sent from Oahu to their doctor at home.

Pellett says, “We think this clinic will make it easier for the families, make it more cost-effective for the insurance companies, and just make the whole ordeal more pleasant for everyone.”

And, for visitors to Oahu, that means spending less time waiting for a doctor and more time getting back to enjoying their vacation.