Hurricane Season in Hawaii

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While summers may be the most convenient time to visit Hawaii, keep in mind that it’s also a time for hurricanes. Hurricane season is from June to November, but so far, we’ve been lucky. The last major hurricane hit Hawaii in 1992.

A Category 4, Hurricane Iniki hit the Hawaiian Islands in 1992.

That doesn’t mean we didn’t get our share of scares, though. Since Hurricane Iniki devastated the islands more than a decade ago, we’ve stood guard for several other storms teetering in the Pacific. It’s just so unpredictable that you never know what to expect during this five-month period.

What you should expect, however, is exactly the opposite of what some travel sites have been advising tourists. One wrote, “There are usually no big storms during these months,” while another said, “Hurricanes never reach land.” Both are totally false!

When Hurricane Iniki hit the islands, it destroyed everything in its path – including people, homes and roadways. The Category 4 hurricane had winds of 145 miles per hour and caused more than $1 billion in damage. Sadly, six people died as well. Kauai got hit the worst, with more than 1,400 homes completely destroyed.

If you plan to visit the islands during hurricane season, just be prepared. You may spend your entire vacation hurricane-free, or you may need to take precautionary measures. Because most hotels are on the beach, visitors should evacuate to inland shelters, such as schools. Lets just hope it never gets to that point.

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