How Long Should You Stay In Hawaii? 5 Things To Consider

How Long Should You Stay in Hawaii
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When you book your Hawaii vacation, the last thing you probably want to think about is going back home! But, alas, all good things must come to an end — and that goes for tropical vacations, too. This leaves many visitors wondering: how long should you stay in Hawaii?

Before you book your flight home, it’s important to consider how much time you want (and can) stay here. 

Ahead are 5 things to consider before you decide how long your Hawaii vacation will be.

1. What’s Your Budget? 

Of course, one of the most important things to consider when booking your Hawaii vacation is your budget. Because small incidentals can pop up anytime, make sure you add 10% to your daily budget. Your daily budget will depend on a lot of things, like activities, dining choices, and accommodations. So, ask yourself: What kind of vacation do I want? Low-key and rustic, high-luxury, or somewhere in-between?

Your budget will play a big part in deciding how long you should stay in Hawaii, since each day adds up. 

2. How Many Islands Are You Visiting? 

The more islands you visit, the more time you should spend here. Period. It takes time to settle in and truly enjoy each island. 

But even if you’re just vacationing on one Hawaiian island, you’ll still want to consider how much there is to do there before choosing the length of your trip. 

If you’re planning to visit more than one island, we would recommend you reserve at least 3 days per island.

For example, an Oahu vacation will require more time here than a Lanai vacation (typically). There are just more things to see and do on Oahu, and you don’t want to feel rushed.   

Taking a plane between Hawaiian islands
Traveling between islands will likely require a longer vacation in Hawaii

3. Do you Have Friends in the Islands?

If you know people who live here, and you’re planning to see them, it’s wise to add a day to your visit. You’ll want to devote a full day to seeing them (if they’re close friends), and you won’t want to sacrifice activities or sites to see them.

And, if you’re staying with someone who lives in Hawaii, you don’t want to abuse their hospitality. You’ll want to consider their invitation as you decide how long you should stay in Hawaii. Or, consider booking any additional time in a hotel to give your hosts a reprieve from hosting. 

4. What do you Want to See and Do? How Long to Stay in Hawaii Based on your To-Do List

A Hawaii vacation completely devoted to rest and relaxation looks and feels very different from a vacation during which you want to see everything you can! 

Do you want to parasail, paraglide, and SCUBA all on the same day? It’s probably not possible, and you’ll need to book separate days for each activity.

two people parasailing

One thing we often find is that visitors underestimate how long it will take to travel to different visitor destinations, as well as the crowds there.

So if you have a full itinerary, choose to stay longer in Hawaii so you can spread it out over several days. 

5. When are the Cheapest Flights? 

If you use a travel site, you will often have the option of comparing flight prices for different dates around the time you plan to travel. If you can save $300 by extending your trip by a day, do it! You can use that saved money to see more of the islands and enjoy the sites. If you’re flexible with your travel dates, you can often save a few hundred dollars on flights.

Planning Ahead for How Long to Stay in Hawaii

You’ll want to make the most of your Hawaii vacation, so it’s important to ask yourself these questions before you make your final reservation. 

After all, it can be pricey to extend your vacation once you’re here. And while everyone wants to stay in Hawaii for as long as possible, you can always make a to-do list for your vacation. 

But, with good planning and realistic expectations, you can plan a vacation to Hawaii that feels not-too-short and not-too-long (is that even possible??).