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With all our talk about beating the competition, you may be asking yourself how exactly we accomplish this. Just how can a small travel company outdo the bigwigs? We’ve told you it’s been our inside connections, our local presence, and our established networks, which is all true. But what we haven’t revealed to you is our secret weapon… wholesalers. Yep, the merchant middleman. The broker. The dealer with the deals. It is through this aspect that we get all our great pricing. And since we’re not trying to hide anything from our clients, we’ll go ahead and spill the details about just how wholesalers work.

To give you a better idea of what a wholesaler actually is in this industry, here are a few names of popular ones: Priceline, Travelocity, and Expedia. These companies buy things like airfare, hotels, and activities in bulk from the provider, then turn around and resell them at higher rates to customers for profit, but still at a lower price than what is readily available through the provider. However, when you go through a company like this, their deals are bought up quickly, so you may never even see them.The advantage we have is that if deal is not available from one wholesaler, we can find it at another. Large online travel companies also operate on a much larger scale than small businesses, so they lack the intimate relationships and personal experience that most clients seek. Although you can occasionally get cheaper rates at these online companies, you’ll never get personalized customer service, nor will you have a say in creating your vacation package. And we won’t even go into detail about their insurance and cancellation policies…

Our Hawaii travel agents have close connections with about ten different wholesalers in Hawaii. We are able to mimic exactly what the bigger agencies do, but on a more intimate level and with a local flare. Because we have an abundance of wholesalers, if we ever run out of deals for clients, we won’t just stick you with whatever is available. Our Hawaii travel agents will simply contact the next wholesaler for their discounted rates to guarantee good prices for your vacation. We don’t disappoint and we don’t let clients down when we tell them we can beat the competition. We have nothing to hide, no fine print, and no hidden costs. Booking your vacation has just become easier, through local Hawaii travel agents at Hawaii Aloha Travel.

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