Hey, what’s that green stuff on my rice?

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People in Hawaii love to put furikake on rice, especially, and it is a common topping for other foods such as fish or even popcorn. I suggest you try it when you vacation to the Hawaii Islands.

There are different flavors of furikake but they have common ingredients: chopped nori, sesame seeds, dried fish flakes, sugar and salt. Nori is a seaweed (which may sound unappetizing) but it is the dark green/black wrapper on sushi so you may have already eaten it without knowing what it is called. I love sesame seeds, which are one of the main flavors that you taste. Despite the dried fish flakes, it doesn’t taste like fish food and despite the sugar, it isn’t sweet. Furikake adds a nice seasoning to the rice that is served with every meal in Hawaii.

The photo at the top of this post is a fairly typical Hawaii breakfast: eggs any style, bacon or sausage and white or brown rice. Rice replaces potatoes pretty much everywhere unless you order hash browns or fried potatoes specifically. Toast does not often come with the meal automatically – it is listed as a side dish that you can add on. I ate breakfast somewhere recently and was surprised to find toast on the plate without a special request.

Furikake is a seasoning on many snack foods, like rice cakes. I just finished off a bag of Furikake Puffs from Ba-le Bakehouse trying to figure out how to describe the flavor. These little puffs are sweet, they are sold as a snack item kind of like carmel corn. They come with or without furikake but I actually prefer the furikake flavor.

At the movie theater, furikake sprinkles are sold as a seasoning for popcorn. (Some people bring their own, surreptitiously.) Another popular snack is called “Hurricane Popcorn” – it is sold in stores ready to eat or as a microwave bag. It includes popcorn, butter, nori and other items, such as toasted rice crackers.

Yet another reason Hawaii is a food lovers paradise. Don’t be surprised if your food comes with green sprinkles on top when you visit Hawaii on vacation – and don’t be afraid to try it. It is not such a h3 taste that you’ll gag even if you hate it, and you may find it quite tasty as I do!

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