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From Kailua to Kakaako – another Hele On Cyclovia shindig rolls on over to the south side of Oahu. In an effort to promote safe street transportation and healthy lifestyles, about 1.5-miles will be transformed into an open-street event for the community.

Walk, bike, jog or segway. The coast is free and clear of all motorized vehicles. In addition, there’ll be lots of activities to get people moving. A 5K run at the Waterfront Park, as well as aerobics and dance classes top the list of physical fun. Because Cyclovia focuses on biking, there’ll be bicycling education courses for kids and adults, a bike ramp, bike show, bike polo and Cycle On Runway.

Cyclovia originally started in Bogata, Colombia in the 1970s. From there, it has spread across the globe, gaining the public’s attention in different ways. Each community has their own take on the idea but all aim to get people out on the roads, where they can once again feel safe riding, walking, jogging, etc.

Hele On Kakaako is among many recent efforts to spruce up the urban Honolulu district. The creative murals add color to Kakaako’s once-drab warehouses and factory facilities. Future initiatives for the area include transforming the community into a bike and pedestrian-friendly area – complete with pop-up gardens, trees and seating areas. Known as a “Complete Street,” the idea would no doubt improve and beautify Kakaako for locals and visitors to enjoy once again.


• May 10, 2013 at 10am • Kakaako Waterfront Park, 102 Ohe St., Honolulu, HI 96813 • www.cycloviahawaii.org

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