Hawaii’s Rubber Slippers

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You may know them as “flip-flops” or as my Australian mates call them “thongs,” but here in Hawaii we wear “rubber slippers.” Living on an island, slippers are an essential part of an un-official Hawaii uniform. Flip-flops were inspired by traditional woven Japanese sandals. Post war, versions were briefly popularized by servicemen returning from Japan. There are a few important things you should know about slippers, price doesn’t matter. In fact here in Hawaii, it almost seems that the less expensive your slipper – the better it will be. One of my favorite slipper shopping spots is Long’s Drug Store where I purchase my size 10 “Locals” slippers.

Another vital bit of slipper etiquette, when entering a home in Hawaii it is customary to always remove your shoes. Yet another good reason to wear them, easy-on and easy-off. Typically you will notice a stash of slippers outside the doorway. Which brings me to another pointer – when leaving a large party don’t be surprised if someone may have “upgraded” and taken your slippers upon their departure. By don’t worry; in keeping with the Aloha Spirit, they will be sure to leave you their older pair.