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Now that you’ve made Fido’s Hawaiian dream vacation come true, it’s time to deck him out in proper Aloha attire. Get him a doggie aloha shirt or maybe even a bling blingin’ Hawaii-themed collar and leash set. The Hawaii Doggie Bakery & Gift Shop in Honolulu has been dressing up our furry friends (both locals and visitors) for more than a decade. Fido will drool over the colorful printed materials with ukulele, flowers, palm trees and sunsets, making him even more legit!

Aloooooha! Dogs get tropical attire, too.

I couldn’t resist checking out the shop when I walked past last weekend. An overload of cuteness instantly took over, and I found myself chuckling at all the creative canine stuff inside. The doggie aloha shirts were definitely a hit, with a constant crowd of customers continually sifting through the piles and the intermittent squeal from doggy owners getting overly-excited at the explosion of cuteness.

After shopping here, dogs not only dress like their owners, but they eat like their owners, too. As Hawaii’s original bakery for dogs, the Hawaii Doggie Bakery & Gift Shop offers tasty treats made with local ingredients. The popular saying to “Buy Local, Eat Local” extends beyond the kitchen table and into Fido’s food bowl. Pets enjoy locally-grown ingredients like bananas, sweet potato, ulu (breadfruit), pineapple and poi – all very nutritious for our four-legged friends.

Treat Fido to a Hawaiian print collar and leash or perhaps a freshly baked treat? Or both?

All treats incorporate popular cultural foods found in Hawaii, either in their names or recipes. I bought three mini manapua for my dog. They look exactly like a human manapua, except about half the size and filled with lean beef instead of char siu meat. When I was shopping, they just brought out a rack of freshly baked treats that smelled so good that I wanted to eat them! Other items on display included Begg Rolls, Poi Dog Pretzels, Pineapple Pooch Biscuits and the most popular item, Woofles. This one’s good for dogs who have sensitive stomachs, made with Okinawan sweet potato and low-fat cream cheese.

Don’t these manapua look delicious?

Most of the treats don’t require refrigeration, so pack them in your suitcase and take the treats home with you. Next time Fido’s a good boy, he won’t just get any treat but a tasty Hawaiian one – reminding him of his dream vacation come true!

HAWAII DOGGIE BAKERY & GIFT SHOP • Open Mon-Sat 10am-9pm, Sun 10am-5pm • Ward Warehouse Shopping Center 1050 Ala Moana Boulevard, #1160, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814 • 808-591-2031 • Free parking available; near bus stop

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