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Are you motivated to visit Hawaii? We know people love Hawaii, and a new study confirms that Hawaii is a top incentive travel destination. Hawaii is one of three “up and coming destinations” in the world for motivational events (the others are in Africa and China).

One of the reasons Hawaii ranks so highly is that it appeals to people of all ages and backgrounds. “This makes an offer to come here especially effective as a motivator to meet production goals and achieve objectives,” says Michael Murray of the Hawaii Visitors and Convention Bureau. Another reason is the support available here for meeting and event planning. The research study incorporated input from the people responsible for choosing locations for performance rewards or motivational marketing programs. A h3 local meetings industry makes their job easier.

“Hawaii has always been known for its inspirational beauty and cultural appeal,” says Mike McCartney, head of the Hawaii Tourism Authority. “And, as shown by this study and Hawaii’s selection as the location for the 2011 Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) meeting, Hawaii is increasingly being recognized for its world-class facilities and convenient Asia-Pacific location for serious business meetings.”

The Focus on Destination Selection study was conducted by the Site International Foundation, an organization that encourages the use of motivational experiences and incentive travel worldwide. It has members in 92 countries.

So a Hawaii trip is doubly motivational: it pleases both the planners and the participants. How inspiring!


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