Hawaii to APEC 2011 We’re Ready!

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Hawaii began its first day in the APEC national spotlight today as community leaders and officials turned out for media day at the Hawaii Convention Center. The focus is innovation and features booths from Hawaii’s leading high-tech companies as well as representations from each of the Hawaiian islands. Called See-it Hawaii, organizers hope it will attract the attention of over 2000 media outlets who are converging on Hawaii for a APEC 2011. The exhibits will be accessible during the entire APEC event and then for 18 months at the convention center for the public to view.

Honolulu mayor Peter Carlisle said “Having APEC here in Hawaii will show the world that we’re more then a travel destination. This is an opportunity for people to see Honolulu as not just the Aloha Center of the Pacific, but also the Geneva of the Pacific where we can broker diplomatic missions because of our strategic location.”

The booths at the exhibits demonstrate the wide range of persity that Hawaii has the offer. For example, Pacific Bio diesel Inc. has developed a sustainable model for creating bio diesel fuel which can be used all over the world. They plan to use APEC to offer their technology to other countries. Another company called Natural Power Concepts is an alternative energy technology developer which has created new wind turbines which reduces global reliance on fossil fuels.

While it’s important to reach out to show the world how we succeed in technology, there’s no question that Hawaii’s tourism sector is front and center. Kauai Mayor Bernard Carvalho was on hand to answer questions and promote the Garden Island. He said “there’s a new visitor coming to Hawaii who enjoys the outdoor experience who wants to see everything from Waimea Canyon to the shores of Hanelei Bay, and all of the ways to enjoy those activities are on the island of Kauai. APEC is the biggest chance we have ever had huge opportunity.”

It’s pretty clear that APEC2011 is a big deal; and for Hawaii, a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s taken a lot of effort and work to make all of this happen. Over the next week Hawaii will be in the spotlight and from the looks of it, Hawaii is ready..

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