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Many people book luaus for their Hawaiian vacations knowing relatively nothing about the traditions. They really are a genuine way to experience old Hawaii, because luau creators strive to present their guests with an authenticity that cannot be matched. With classic performances from professional hula and Tahitian dancers, fire dancers, musicians, and storytellers, the artists perform with a sincere desire to share their love of Hawaii with others. You’ll also taste some of the staple foods that are traditionally Hawaiian, like breadfruit and pork in the forms of decadent salads, lau lau, and kalua. Not to mention the tasty cocktails, dancing, and all-around good time you’ll experience, it’s quite a night of entertainment!

Hawaii Aloha Travel offers a Hawaii luau on almost every island. And we’ve got the best rates too. Many people who vacation on Hawaii can’t afford to take the whole family to a luau, with inpidual prices being way outside of budget, but with our prices and discounts, we make it affordable for everyone. We also offer various luaus within each island, because as a booming business, there are many companies who offer this activity. We can help you choose the perfect luau, no matter which island you’re traveling to. And we’ve got the connections to get you the best price, without compromising the quality; And the quality of specific luaus are always subject to opinion. Which is why we’ve partnered with some of the best luau companies to give our clients the ultimate experience.

Some luaus may skip out on some of the most important aspects of the celebration. Traditionally, the main focus of a luau was centered around the imu, or underground oven. This is where the pig cooks within the earth, on a bed of ti or banana leaves. It was a common practice to have a party after a pig was caught, given that the people would be feasting on savory flavors of tender Hawaiian pork. Today, at many luaus, the focal point still remains at the imu, where guests can watch the unearthing of the pig and the traditions associated with this.

Next is the entertainment. Hula and Tahitian dance is a long held practice that tells a story through a different language; the language of song and dance. It is common for hula to be danced to a live performer, singing ancient words from traditional Hawaiian songs, while Tahitian is danced to the beating of drums. These two forms of art are truly beautiful to watch, and many times, the performers encourage the audience to share in the hip shaking as well!

The elaborate meal is served buffet style, with foods ranging from Hawaiian fish, to teriyaki chicken, to pork lau lau. Fresh salads with tropical fruits, tasty side dishes, traditional poi, and savory desserts are laid out in a spread that your eyes (and mouth) will feast upon. Guests leave luaus not only with a full belly, but with a bit of Hawaiian culture and tradition to take home as well. Check out our luau options online, or call one of our agents standing by to begin creating the perfect package for your Hawaiian luau.

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