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Fatboys resturant storefront in Kailua
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Save money on food by eating like a local on your Hawaii vacation.*

You might expect generous portions at a place called “Fatboys” and you’d be right. You’ll also find food that’s popular with locals and yet accessible for first-time visitors to Hawaii.

If you want to stay with familiar food choices, there is a wide range of hamburgers, chicken burgers, grilled cheese, a tuna tomato swiss melt and BLT. The sandwiches are triple decker — they have three pieces of bread. The “Fatboy burger” comes with bacon and egg. While it is tasty and filling, do not try to eat it while driving. On our first visit to Hawaii, we had to pull off the road when the driver took the first bite of this creation.

Fatboys bacon and egg triple decker sandwich ($3.75).

But this is the perfect place to try a traditional Hawaii plate lunch, like a local. They all come with “two scoop rice” and macaroni or tossed salad. The regular entree choices include: chicken katsu, roast pork, beef curry, kalua cabbage, mahi mahi and teri or BBQ chicken. The regular size is $8.25, mini for $6.50. Special plates include our favorite, garlic chicken, along with BBQ short ribs and a BBQ mixed plate ($8.50/$6.95).

Along with plate lunches, another local lunch favorite is the bento. The Fatboy bento comes with “two scoop rice” topped with furikake (a dried seaweed topping that tastes better than it sounds), spam, mahi mahi, teri beef, hot dog and garlic chicken ($7.50). A little less ambitious choice is the garlic chicken bento with one scoop rice and five garlic chicken nuggets ($5.25).

Things to know:

Fatboys accepts credit and debit cards, along with cash.

There is no inside seating but there are tables with umbrellas just outside the door.

The Kailua location is on the way to the beach, so it is a convenient stop for take-out.

*grindz means food in Hawaii.

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