Hawaii is Crazy for Cronuts

A plate of cronuts drizzled with strawberry sauce
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Have you tried a cronut yet?

If not, then be sure to get the croissant-donut hybrid on your next Hawaii vacation. The incredible creation came from New York but has since spread to the islands by way of local culinary artists – and in a matter of months, too!

Regal Bakery in Downtown Honolulu had been among the first to attempt this crisp-and-flaky treat. Because the name has already been trademarked, you can’t quite call them a cronut but rather a version of one. The bakery is known for its very-popular cake donuts, so it made sense for them to launch a line of croissant-donuts. With unique flavors like, green tea and POG (passion orange guava), the cronut has already gotten a little bit of island flavah!

A full-fledged company dedicated to the creation is also in the works, according to “Pacific Business News.” CroDough Hawaii purchased a food truck and had a soft opening in the Kakaako area. They also plan to make stops in the Manoa, Ward and Downtown Honolulu districts before eventually opening a storefront.

What’s so special about a cronut? If done right, the creation will be crisp and flaky on the outside, soft and doughy on the inside. The accordion-like layers are also a notable trait, but it’s the blend of fillings that will really make all the difference. So even if you’ve had one back home, it’s likely you didn’t quite have one with some Hawaiian flare!


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