Hawaii Has the ‘Best Weather on the Planet’

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When the weather guy says it’s going to be “another gorgeous day” in Hawaii, do we even think twice about how lucky we are?

Other parts of the world see far worse conditions, like the “snow tsunami” in Russia that swallowed roadways and buildings or the midwest blizzards that cause multi-car pileups and fatalities on the freeway. Snow isn’t the only culprit to chaos either; places, like Australia, usually experience the wrath of extreme heat, as it devours the continent and sparks massive brushfires that spiral through native forests.

Sure, Hawaii has its share of “bad weather” bouts – vog, heavy rains and flooding. But, thankfully, nothing of that magnitude. I’ll admit I take for granted the “best weather on the planet” forecasts, as described by the enthusiastic weather guys on TV: “Eighty-eight-degrees and sunny across the board! Maybe a chance of showers, but other than that, it’ll be classic Hawaii weather all week!”

Right now, the weather outside is clear, blue and perfect! But yet, I complain about how the vog makes me sweat, how I can’t hike because the rain muddied the trails; when, really, I just sound like a spoiled brat! Even the privilege of being able to leave the house everyday in a tank top, shorts and slippers hardly phases me anymore. The most effort I’ll put into prepping for the weather would be lathering on some sunscreen and grabbing my shades, but layers? Scarves? What’s that about?

The only time those cross my mind is on those nippy north-wind days, when I debate on wearing the black scarf or the crimson one, the leather boots or the Uggs. Sadly, it’s become an issue of fashion over necessity, as those cold 70-degree days have been my much-welcomed excuse to wearing winter wear in Hawaii. (Yes, 70-degrees is considered cold here, haha!)

So it’s true when locals say, “Lucky we live Hawaii.” Perfect weather, warm tropical waters and those stunning sunsets…what’s there to complain about? Absolutely nothing. I have to remind myself of that from time to time. We really are lucky to live here, and for those visiting, you’re lucky to enjoy the best weather on the planet – one of the many blessings of paradise that should never be taken for granted.

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