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hawaiian hangover cures
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Here in Hawaii, we know how to drink. Does that mean you should trust Hawaii hangover remedies? 

Hawaii is a great place to drink with our friends, meet new friends, and celebrate… well, practically anything. 

We gather around TVs in early-opening bars first thing in the morning to catch sporting events (time changes mean East Coast events air in the morning here). One drink leads to another, and after hours of imbibing, we find ourselves abandoning our cars in the evening and taking cabs or calling willing, sober friends. 

Sporting events held locally — of almost any importance — can lead to boozy afternoons or evenings. And it’s really easy to overindulge at family luau.

Just as happens where you live, hangovers follow. There are, of course, the universal cures: the hair of the dog, having sex, hydration, aspirin, vitamins, sleeping it off, sweating it out, or simply waiting for it to pass.

Hawaii Hangover Cures: Comfort Food

Several enterprising restauranteurs in Honolulu have menu items they purport will do wonders for your hangover. Here’s an example:

The award-winning Liliha Bakery in Oahu’s Ala Moana Shopping Center offers a Loco Moco as a Hawaii hangover cure. Loco Moco is a quintessential Hawaiian comfort food dish consisting of a bed of white rice topped with a seasoned hamburger patty, one or more fried eggs cooked to your preference, and savory brown gravy. 

This hearty and flavorful combination of elements creates a satisfying and indulgent meal that’s enjoyed throughout Hawaii for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s a unique fusion of American and Asian culinary influences showcasing Hawaiian cuisine’s rich and diverse flavors. It’s also a hearty and satisfying dish that is beloved in Hawaii and may help kill the hangover blues.

Other local restaurants serve up things like bone broth soup with tripe, buckwheat soba, and the ubiquitous Spam musubi, all with the goal of becoming your go-to Hawaii hangover cure. 

Can you Cure a Hangover in Hawaii?

No matter what was your libation of choice, the hangover can be brutal. And it’s not how you want to spend valuable vacation time. Nobody wants to fly to Hawaii only to avoid the sunshine and sleep through the bright mornings. 

So, if possible, take it easy on the cocktails and local beer. And, if you do wake up with regrets, try some of the local flavors as unique Hawaii Hangover Cures.