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When you see any of the islands of Hawaii from a boat, you get an entirely different perspective than on land.

While the beaches and rocky shores of the islands are beautiful close up, they seem similar to many other places along the coast when you’re sitting or lying on them. But from the water, you get the real sense that this is an island. Also, some sights are only visible from the water like the stunning Na Pali coast of Kauai.

While the sail along Waikiki is not as dramatic, it is a unique view of how the city sits between the mountains and the sea. Behind the sky scrapers of Honolulu, residential neighborhoods creep up the mountains, pided by deep valleys in a pattern completely unlike the mainland. We watched the mists that hang over the mountains as they moved toward the ocean, bringing a light rain followed by a rainbow.

There are many ways to get this view. While we were watching the Friday night yacht race, we saw the three different dinner cruise boats go by, as well as several boats that leave from the beach for short sails, and Red Dolphin Island. That does not count the folks who were out parasailing or kayaking or stand up paddling.

If you this is your first Hawaii vacation, it may seem like there are already too many things to do. But an excursion on the water is a wonderful addition. If you visit regularly, be warned – the serenity of the sea can be addicting.


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