“Hawaii Five-0” SOTB Premiere Date Set

Alex O'Loughlin
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September 12th will be a night full of stars in Waikiki — and, we don’t just mean the kind in the sky!

The executive producer of “Hawaii 5-0,” Peter Lenkov, just announced the show will hold its Season 6 premiere at Sunset on the Beach in mid-September. It’s a chance for fans to get up-close and personal with the stars of the show, and Lenkov says a musical guest will also treat guests to live music(although he declined to identify who that might be).

The event will be held at Queen’s Surf Beach, which is on the corner of Kalakaua Ave. and Kapahulu Ave. in Waikiki, and features an advance screening of the network premiere. Show executives say the event is their way of saying “mahalo” for the support the show receives, from fans and everyone who lives in Hawaii. The cast even parades down a real “red carpet,” greeting fans. Last year, the “Hawaii 5-0” premiere event was held September 13th and featured “Bush” as the musical guest.

Fans of the show can meet the cast up-close on the night of the premiere.

For “Hawaii 5-0” fans who want to share in the celebration, but have someone else do the legwork, Hawaii Aloha Travel just announced it is planning “The Ultimate Hawaii 5-0 Superfan Tour.” The tour will feature a “Hawaii 5-0 Luau” and a “Meet Up” for fans of the show. Stay tuned for more details.

Filming for the sixth season of Hawaii Five-0 kicked off with a traditional Hawaiian blessing July 8th. Kahu Kekoa, joined by Alex O’Loughlin, Jeff Downer, Bryan Spicer, and Peter Lenkov, intoned a prayer to the Hawaiian god Akua. Then he sprinkled saltwater from a koa wood bowl and untied a maile lei, foliage native to Hawaii, to cleanse participants before the start of the season.

You can often find the cast of “Hawaii 5-0” filming in Hawaii.

In June, CBS announced that Season 6 of “Hawaii 5-0” will return with all new episodes on Friday, September 25, at 9 p.m. E.T., right after the season premiere of The Amazing Race, and will be followed by season 6 premiere of Blue Bloods.

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