Encountering Spotty Phone Reception While in Hawaii

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Whether it’s updating your status or posting what you had for lunch, there’s no doubt that travelers love to stay connected. But what happens if the place you’re visiting has spotty reception or limited wi-fi access?

Some might say that you’re predicament is a blessing in disguise; a good reason to disconnect and live in the moment! Others might sympathize with your frustration; how will you keep in touch with relatives back home? Or even more important, transfer monies to a debit card teetering on the verge of negative dollars.

For the most part, finding wi-fi in Hawaii shouldn’t be a problem. Most hotels and eateries offer it for free; there’s even wi-fi at the airports (for an hourly rate). Finding dependable reception, however, can be a bit difficult – especially on the larger Hawaiian Islands (Kauai, Hawaii Island, Maui) where cell phone towers may be miles away.

I had this problem on Kauai with my T-mobile phone. For some reason, I encountered a lot of dead zones or areas with spotty reception. Truly a test of my patience, I suppose, since sending an email took longer than I was used to. Luckily, one of my new years resolutions was to find the positive in things, so I saw this as an opportunity to really soak in every moment (without my phone in hand or in my pocket). I left it in my day bag all day until we got back to the house we stayed at. That turned out to be quite nice, actually!

If I needed to connect for work while on the road, then finding a coffee shop with wi-fi wasn’t all that difficult. Plus (in sticking to my new years’ resolution), I could always use an afternoon pick-me-up!


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