Don’t Be an April Fool! Top 5 Reasons to Visit Hawaii in Spring

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There’s really not a BAD time to visit Hawaii, but some seasons are more pleasant than others here in paradise. And, Spring is one of them! Here are our top 5 reasons why it’s a great idea to visit Hawaii in March, April, and May!

1. The weather: In Hawaii, we don’t have four seasons, but rather two — the dry season and the rainy season. As it happens, Spring straddles the two, making it a great time to visit and catch great weather. During the Spring, less rain starts to fall on the islands as the trade winds die down to their summer levels, making this an ideal time to visit. Some call this the start of the “dry” season.

It’s true what they say, there’s no such thing as a bad day in Hawaii.

2. Travel bargains: After the rush of Spring Break, many tour and travel companies begin to offer fantastic travel discounts to entice travelers to come to the islands. Because school is back in session with typically no official, long “breaks” til summer, most families with school-aged children are stuck home. So, that makes it a great time to take advantage of some of the deep travel discounts that are offered. Some companies, like Hawaii Aloha Travel, offer discounted Hawaii activities, hotels, and tour packages all year long, but most jack-up their prices during peak travel season.

    3. The surf: During Spring, water temperatures measure near the high 70-degree mark this time of year, and the surf begins to die down as the trade winds let up. Some would even say the spring Hawaii surf season, which runs from approximately March through May, is one of the best times to surf, especially on the North Shore. The reason is the visiting pros have all left town, but there are still pretty decent waves… although not quite as big as the winter, still big enough to have a lot of fun surfing them.

    4. The Spring flora: Even though we don’t technically have “winter” here in Hawaii, it’s true that one of the best times to go out and enjoy the beautiful flora is Springtime. That’s because, once the heavy rains of winter have ceased, the mountains are greener, and the blooms are more plentiful. During summer, things can get pretty dry, and that means some of the colorful flora will die-off, and the mountains will be more brown than green.

It’s always surf season in Hawaii, but during April you’re less likely to fight big crowds.

5. Fewer busy festivals and holidays: If you’re planning to visit Hawaii in Spring, you’ll have fewer festivals and holidays with which to compete. The last week of April and the first week of May are often a time when the most Japanese visitors will arrive due to the “Golden Week” holiday in Japan. And, during Spring, there is one large event on the Big Island of Hawaii that can cause crowding on the Hilo side of the Island: the Merrie Monarch festival, which is held annually starting on Easter Sunday.

You still have lots of time to visit Hawaii in Spring. Lots of airlines are currently offering discounts, and hotels are doing the same. As we like to say here at Hawaii Aloha Travel, there’s no time like the present!

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