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One of the best ways to get around on the North Shore of Oahu comes in the form of a winding, asphalt, two-lane bike path. It stretches from Velzy Land to Waimea Bay and serves as the main artery of transportation (by foot or bike) throughout the busy surf destination. It’s not only become an integral part of the North Shore’s landscape but of the culture as well; helping to keep the Country, Country!Walk or ride through the convenient bike path on Oahu’s North Shore.

Sandwiched between the main road and some of the island’s most beautiful beaches, the path is surprisingly a quaint escape from the buzzing North Shore. The various tunnels of foliage provide lots of shade for a breezy stroll or roll through “nature,” if you will. Flowery purples and yellows adorn the different hues of greens while the sky peeps through with spotty patches of sun.

These are the colors of the Country.

And you never know who you’ll meet on the path. Surfer dudes and dudettes, still dripping with saltwater, carry boards that seem a little heavier to them than usual; a long sesh often leaves arms feeling tired and rubbery. Mamas pushing their handy baby joggers whiz right past, a couple of runners trot along and the wandering group of tourists stop to snap a few photos.

These are the people of the Country.

It’s easy to rent a bike for cruising the path, but a good ol’ pair of walking shoes work perfectly fine. There are various offshoots to public beach accesses, eateries and shops. Although they’re not publicly advertised, famous surfers’ homes and the Volcom surf houses have become gawking points for those who know where to find them. It’s best to respect their privacy and not get too crazy with your cameras though.

And when the Country’s booming with high surf and surf contests, the bike path is a nice alternative to the traffic jams and parking frustrations you’re likely to experience. It’s the North Shore’s laid-back vibes that you’re bound to find on the bike path, and where you, too, can get caught up in the ways of the Country.

Photo Credit: Noa Myers

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