Chasing Waterfalls

Wailua Falls
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Despite what the 90s hip-hop group TLC might have told us about not chasing waterfalls, I’m here to remind you of the exact opposite. Go ahead and chase after waterfalls while in Hawaii! They’re one of nature’s most fascinating features, so why not find some for your pure island enjoyment?

You can bet that tucked away in every valley, every crevice and cranny, a wonderfully-flowing waterfall is waiting to be explored. It’s not a guarantee it will be a gushing one nor will it be a tall one, but it will be some free-flowing form of water that pours through the natural curves and crooks of our island’s geography.

Similar to the saying, “No rain, no rainbows,” there will most likely be no waterfalls without a rainfall. Dry spells can reduce falls to a trickle, but with the help of some ua (rain), that trickle may very well turn into a turbine of tantalizing fun.

Waterfalls can be easily accessible by hiking trails. I would not recommend going “off the beaten path” in this case, however, for conditions may not be so safe. But even with those designated trails, be extra careful. Along with gushing falls come gushing streams-turned-rivers, so make sure not to cross paths with such manic monsters.

You will most likely see people jumping off of waterfalls or wading in its chilly pool below. And rightfully so! There is nothing more refreshing than cooling off after a long hike with a reward as natural as a wonderful Hawaiian waterfall.

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