Where Are the Casinos in Hawaii?

Casinos in Hawaii
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Have you ever wondered if there are casinos in Hawaii? The short answer is no. There’s not a single casino in all of Hawaii! 

But why is that so? And what do residents do when they’re ready to gamble? Let’s take a look!

Casinos on Vacation

Casinos are a big business in many areas, and lots of people enjoy taking vacations to casinos. 

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could combine the tropical fun of a Hawaii vacation with the thrill of a gambling trip? That’s not possible, but it doesn’t seem to hurt the state’s visitor numbers at all. 

Hawaii is still a popular destination, especially for families and couples who want to get outdoors, enjoy quality time, and relax in a serene environment. 

Yes, it seems that Hawaii doesn’t draw the same crowd as gambling destinations. I can’t imagine too many visitors wishing they could spend more time indoors during their Hawaii trip. 

But there are a lot of residents who love to gamble. And lots of travelers don’t mind stopping into a casino when they have a little extra time on their hands. Plus, it could be a good place to get out of the sun for a bit. 

People often build casinos to bring visitors and revenue to places that don’t have a big draw otherwise. Hawaii doesn’t have that problem. We get loads of visitors and don’t need the lure of casinos to keep them coming. Traditional hotel accommodations are profitable enough without slot machines inside – and many believe adding them would make a vacation far less enjoyable. 

Most Hawaii visitors look for hotels with awesome pools or great restaurants – not gambling machines and casino services. 

Hawaii hotel pool

Hawaii Casinos and Gambling Outlawed 

Gambling is completely illegal in Hawaii. There are no casinos, lotteries, or sports betting. This covers in-person gambling along with online betting. 

So you can’t use sites like DraftKings or FanDuel while you’re here. That’s something to keep in mind if you’re into daily betting – you can’t access them while you’re in Hawaii. 

Hawaii also doesn’t have any Native American reservations, which is often where you’ll find casinos in states that otherwise outlaw them. 

The only other state with such strict gambling laws is Utah. 

A Push for Legalization

It’s common for us to see stories on the Hawaii news where an illegal gambling room gets busted. These underground operations are fairly common. Photos show they’ll typically have gambling machines – these places look pretty seedy. 

These gambling rooms are often behind efforts to legalize certain kinds of gambling in Hawaii. Regulate them, tax them, and make them a little safer for patrons. 

Plus, gambling could be a good source of revenue for the state. But the question is: at what cost? Would it harm local families who would spend too much on gambling? Would it change the fabric of the island lifestyle? That’s all up for debate. 

Still, these bills to legalize gambling haven’t ever passed, and Hawaii remains a state with no legal casinos or lotteries. 

What Is Allowed

Social gambling is allowed in Hawaii, under certain circumstances. It can’t involve any minors, bookmaking, or profits for organizers. It also can’t occur in most public places or businesses. So, if you make a casual bet during a game of golf, you likely won’t be breaking Hawaii law. 

Alternatives to Casinos in Hawaii

Many vacationers enjoy stopping by a casino when they’re visiting different destinations. That’s not possible in Hawaii, though. So what do you do if you have an itch to gamble while you’re in the Aloha State? 

I’ve seen many adults venture into Fun Factory (our local kids’ arcade) to try their hand at different games. A trip to one of these would be a nice break from the sun, and there’s typically something for the entire family. But it does get pricey fast. 

Or, find a deck of cards while you’re on vacation. There’s not much nightlife beyond Waikiki, so a friendly game of cards is a great family activity after the sun goes down. 

Hawaii Aloha Travel can help book a hotel or rental with space to play your favorite card or board game. 

But, of course, if you are vacationing with the intent to gamble, Hawaii won’t be the place for you.

Where do Hawaii Locals Go to Gamble? 

Card games and arcades aren’t enough to satisfy many Hawaii residents. What do we do when we want to visit a casino? For most of us Hawaii residents, we head to Las Vegas. 

Boyd Gaming and Hotels has made a big business out of Hawaii gamblers. Their vacation packages offer a streamlined process to get Hawaii residents to their Vegas hotels and casinos.

No Casinos in Hawaii go to Vegas

If you’ve ever visited the downtown area of Las Vegas, you may have noticed there are Hawaiian restaurants in the area. This is because lots of Hawaii residents head to this area as part of a vacation package and like to enjoy the food and culture they’re familiar with. 

Plus, Las Vegas is home to many Native Hawaiians. The city has the largest population of Native Hawaiians outside of Hawaii, earning it the nickname “The Ninth Island.”

A Hawaii Vacation Without Casinos

So you won’t see any slot machines or lottery tickets during your Hawaii vacation, and most visitors probably won’t miss them. But you may still wonder what the deal is – why aren’t there Hawaii casinos? 

Whether you enjoy dropping into a casino while you’re vacationing or you avoid slot machines at all costs, it’s good to know what to expect when you visit Hawaii. 

So, if you’re visiting and feel like you’re enjoying a streak of luck, you’ll soon be at the end of your rope. No chance of winning big on a $1 lottery ticket or hitting the jackpot on a slot machine. 

Maybe you could try your luck in other ways. Look for the Hawaii green flash on the horizon at sunset, watch for whales breaching from a lookout, or admire a honu (Green Sea Turtle) – they’re a symbol of good luck. 

And then keep your spare change for your next trip to Vegas (or come back to Hawaii, where your money might go to better use!).