Why Booking Hawaii Vacations Needs a Personal Touch!

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The title is really to get your attention. After doing the podcast “Over Shopping the Internet,” I felt the need to vent a little bit more about booking Hawaii vacations with our company. People are flooding us with calls and requests, struggling to understand the difference between our services and what online megastores like Travelocity and Expedia offer.

When booking Hawaii vacations with us, you’re not just tapping keys on a website. You’re experiencing the warmth and care of a fully humanized booking process. We train our agents to be professionals. They are passionate independent experts who stay abreast with the ever-changing offers on popular mega-site platforms. We have an eagle’s eye view of the digital terrain, just as you do. Yet, all too frequently, we’ve seen travelers lured into the web’s intricate maze. They think they’ve found an unbeatable deal, only to realize later that they’ve been misled

Beware the Glitter: Flashy Travel Sites Might Not Shine So Bright!

Time and again, those enticing prices on flashy websites for booking Hawaii vacations can be deceiving. But when you truly delve into the details, discerning travelers will realize that local travel agents, especially our seasoned specialists in Hawaii, can not only match those prices but often outdo them. What sets us apart, however, isn’t just the price tag. It’s the unparalleled personal touch ensuring that every aspect of your journey is meticulously tailored. In essence, you’re securing the best rates, all while enjoying the invaluable addition of unparalleled service. Plus, every booking with us directly fuels the Hawaiian local economy, keeping the spirit of aloha thriving. Note that you must pay upfront to unlock such exceptional deals. The luxury of deposits and deferred payments might not always be an option. Yet, the true luxury lies in the experience we curate for you.

You’re on your own if something goes wrong.

People have told me countless horror stories about booking Hawaii vacations online. Calling customer service is a huge issue. Keep in mind when you’re traveling to Hawaii, you not traveling to a mainland destination; that’s a big difference! In fact, when you ask people who post negative comments about where they booked their trip most of them will tell you “I booked it online” without any human interaction—a big mistake.

When you book with Hawaii Aloha Travel, you book your vacation with a human. You found us on the Internet, but we aren’t a faceless company. Book with us, and we will have your back. To book your Hawaiian trip give us a call or use our Trip Planner.

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