Best Pie on Kauai

A slice of pie on a paper plate
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Look for the booth with the most action, where pies get passed left and right to salivating customers eagerly waiting with forks in hand. The pie lady is busy talking pie as usual, while crossing off sold-out flavors from the menu.

Luckily, we squeaked in right in time to get the last slice of mango lilikoi, which was a chunky little thing packed with plenty of fruit pieces. I felt like I was at a pie auction, where customers climbed over each other to get their hands on a piece. (OK, a bit exaggerated, but that’s how I felt!) We managed to get away unscathed, however.

Plate of pie in hand, we searched for somewhere to sit nearby, but I could hardly wait to dig in. The pie was bomb! A buttery crust perfectly balanced the overload of savory filling that packed this pie piece.

The pie lady, also known as Sandy, joined the fleet of other small island businesses when she moved to Kauai in 2009. From selling at markets, she stepped it up to local stores and restaurants before opening her first shop in Lihue. Looks like she is also planning on opening one more shop on Kauai’s North Shore, as well as one on the mainland!

Speaking of mainland, The Right Slice delivers to pie enthusiasts across the continent (and here in the islands). It won’t be nearly as fresh as the pies on island. But it is surely better than no pie. She uses locally-grown ingredients from Kauai farmers and cultivators – filling each pie with a unique blend of tropical flavors.


• 1543 Haleukana St., Lihue, HI 96766 or at local farmers markets and Hanapepe’s weekly Art Night • • 808-212-8320