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If you’re looking to tie the knot in Hawaii, then you’re probably looking into a beach wedding venue. Destination weddings in Hawaii have become increasingly popular due to the locations accessibility, accommodations, and desirable atmosphere, and what’s not to love? A beach wedding is ideal for many couples because it represents themes; relaxation, the outdoors, the power and beauty of the ocean, simplicity, a carefree lifestyle, and romance. It’s no wonder why so many choose this natural landscape as their wedding location. Hawaii weddings can be affordable, easy to plan, and low maintenance, not to mention as intimate as you’d like. Beaches can accommodate almost anything and anyone, which also makes Hawaii weddings not only desirable, but flexible and accommodating as well.

The other great thing about beach Hawaii weddings is the abundance of local knowledge for the planning part of it. If you’ve never experienced Hawaii, we recommend looking into a local travel company that can also help plan weddings. It’s important to choose the perfect company, as they will help make your day perfect, and just as you intended. Our travel agents not only offer these services, but they are local to the islands as well, offering their clients an insider’s knowledge on things like where to purchase your wedding cake, who has the best flowers at the most affordable rate, and what restaurant would be ideal for the rehearsal dinner. It’s in these details that the wedding becomes your own, and Hawaii Aloha Travel is just the company to create this for you.

One of the most important things about having a Hawaii beach wedding is choosing the beach. With so many beautiful stretches of sand, it’s hard to pick the one that will best represent you and your intended. Do you want palm trees lining the beach? White sand, golden sand, or black sand? Do you want a breezy spot, or will wind affect the ceremony too much? And how about seclusion? Since beaches are open to the public, you probably want as much privacy as possible. Are you picking the beach for its evening or daytime lighting? Do you want to walk into the area or be able to drive up to it? These are all aspects of a beach wedding that need to be thought out, and since we know the bridge-and-groom-to-be are very busy with planning already, we let you leave these details to us.

Hawaii weddings are truly spectacular. And they are as inpidual and unique as the beach you will walk along. They’re a great place to give vows and bring family and friends to, and who could complain about taking a vacation to Hawaii for the big celebration? Which is another element our travel agents can take care of; group travel. So if you’re thinking of planning a wedding on the beach in Hawaii, make sure to give Hawaii Aloha Travel a call so we can begin designing your day. This is one of the most exciting things for us to plan, and our agents genuinely enjoy creating the perfect beach Hawaii wedding for their clients.

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