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A banyan tree
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If there’s one tree in Hawaii that’s gotten the most attention, it’s the beautiful banyan outside of the Moana Surfrider. Standing at more than 115 years old, it’s withstood hurricanes, hung out with thousands of Moana guests and most impressively, witnessed the transformation of Waikiki into the hotel city it is today.

It’s easy to forget that we’re even talking about a tree. But this banyan is no ordinary tree. Its majestic ways have been rooted into the islands since it was first planted in 1904. People say the banyan was seven feet tall and about seven years old at the time. Fast forward to today, and it’s more than 10 times that original height – at 75 feet tall and 175 years old.

While the tree itself has aged over time, its wisdom gained has not gone unnoticed. The banyan at Moana is, in fact, so special, that it’s been placed on Hawaii’s Rare and Exceptional Tree List. But even more impressive is its designation as Hawaii’s millennium landmark tree. The American the Beautiful Fund selects one historic tree for each state to protect in the new millennium, and this banyan is it.

You, too, can relax in the shade of this special tree. Whether it be for afternoon tea or pau hana drinks, the banyan by the sea awaits.

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