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The Hawaiian Islands are far from a secret; every year, millions of visitors call this place their “dream getaway.” And while you’re probably thinking, so much for the “getaway” when you’re also sharing it with other people, there are still ways to find solitude in paradise.

1- Stay off the beaten path.

There’s more to Hawaii than Waikiki, where beach-goers sit towel-to-towel for that last square-foot of sand. Plan your day in an area not as populated with tourists; if a beach is where you’d like to cruise, then try one on the east side, where it is often less crowded. Waimanalo on Oahu and Lydgate Beach Park on Kauai come to mind. If you’re looking to try a new eatery, head to one that a local tells you about, as opposed to an eatery a guidebook points you to.

2- Get there early.

Whether in the mountains for a hike or down by the sea, it is always best to get there early. We all know that the early bird gets the worm, and in this case, the “worm” would be prime parking, a spot on the sand or a quiet, tranquil trail.

3- Take a private tour.

Touring a place does not have to be alongside dozens of other eager visitors. While it is probably a more pricier option, hiring a private tour guide is a guaranteed way to avoid crowds. This could be a private tour for hikes, museums, art galleries, etc. It never hurts to ask a business what these private tour options might be, if any.

4- Step out of your comfort zone.

Entrepreneurs are always offering new ways to experience the islands, and to be quite frank, they are rather uncanny. A good example of this was zip lining several years back. When the sport first got started in Hawaii, people thought they were crazy for even thinking about such a thing. Sliding down a rope over treetop canopies?! What nonsense. But as more and more people stepped out of their comfort zones, the sport became a booming business in the islands. Who knows, you may be among the first to start a trend!


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