Aloha Plate Wins Food Truck Race

A cake celebrating Aloha Plate's win
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Congrats to Team Aloha Plate for winning season four of “The Great Food Truck Race”! The popular show on the Food Network follows eight teams of food truck amateurs as they embark upon a culinary road trip across the country.

Local comedian and Pidgin 101 creator Lanai Tabura, his brother Chef Adam Tabura and buddy Shawn Felipe spent six weeks on the road. Through hail, rain, snow, road blocks and much more, the trio traveled 3,400 miles across eight states before finally making it into the top three.

Hawaii Aloha Travel’s founder Bruce Fisher has been flying up to show his support for the Hawaii team. But he’s never alone. No matter where Aloha Plate stops, a huge following of Hawaiians come out to root them on. Among the biggest victories for the Hawaii team? Winning the spam challenge in St. Paul!

Because the show had been pre-recorded, Lanai and his team hosted a huge shindig at Sports FanAddicts Bar & Grill in Honolulu – where the winner would be revealed on TV. There, they celebrated with family and friends who have been cheering them on from the very beginning. The team walked away with $50,000 and their very own food truck.

Although the season has come to an end, this won’t be the last time we see Aloha Plate around. The trio is looking to start their own franchise, so keep an eye out for more Aloha Plate eats when you’re in Hawaii.