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Are allergies in Hawaii something you need to worry about? We all know allergies can be annoying as a nose that never stops running or eyes that never stop itching. When going on vacation, they’re the one thing you don’t want to pack.

Mango trees may or may not give you allergies in Hawaii.

Luckily for your stuffed-up sinuses, though, a trip to Hawaii just may be the temporary cure to those seemingly inescapable sneeze attacks. Sounds odd – since Hawaii’s packed with pollen and tropical plants year-round – but if you’ve never been exposed to them, then no worries. We usually only develop an allergy to things we’ve been sensitized to.

That’s why many say their allergies “magically disappear” when landing on the islands. Unless you visit frequently or end up staying long-term, then you can count on breathing well in Hawaii. The same goes for people from Hawaii who move abroad. Their allergies go away almost instantly.

Asthmatics, on the other hand, should still watch out for Hawaii’s pesky vog. Kilauea, a volcano on the Big Island, erupts throughout the year, and on those “Kona wind days,” you can bet there’ll be vog in the air. Think of vog like smog; there’s no escaping the air pollutants unless you stay indoors, where it’s air-conditioned. Be sure to bring your asthma medicines as preventatives just in case.

Although Hawaii doesn’t have distinguished seasons, like summer and winter, we still have an allergy season. My nose knows when that is, too: between February and May. Mostly, it’s the mango and avocado trees that set off my allergies. Their flowers are in full bloom at this time of year, and as much as I love mangos, it doesn’t help to have a tree right outside of our house. If you’ve developed allergies to these particular trees, then take preventative medicines, like Claritin, when heading outdoors in Hawaii.

Don’t let allergies ruin your vacation. Know when to visit and what to do to prevent your sinuses from flaring up. If you’re among the lucky ones whose eyes stop itching as soon as you step off of the plane, then consider your vacation investment well worth the price! You’ll enjoy being able to breathe again, even if it’s only temporary.

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