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Hawaii helicopter tours are a great way to view a unique perspective of the islands. Not to mention it’s a thrilling adventure in itself! Booking a helicopter tour is becoming increasingly popular because the aircrafts can take you to untouched landscapes such as molten hot lava, hundred-foot waterfalls, and steep valleys only accessible to the mountain goats. You can now explore some of the best views of Hawaii from a birds-eye-view, and all from the comfortably safe cabin of a helicopter.

Many companies now offer 2-way communication with your pilot, so you can ask questions and hear a narrated tour of whatever it is you’re flying above. Some aircrafts offer glass bottom floors and surrounding windows, so your view is completely unobstructed, with 360 degrees of panoramic beauty. The most popular Hawaii helicopter tour lately has been the volcano tours on Big Island, where pilots take you up close and personal to witness spewing lava, scorching rivers of red, and steam from calderas and craters. This is an incredible experience that is completely unique to exploring via helicopter, and you can actually feel the heat of the volcanoes as you swoop around them.

Hawaii helicopter tours let you view the most secluded areas of an island, dipping and ping through caves, valleys, rainforests, and coastlines. You can book on a tour or find a private helicopter for your entire party, making this a highlight activity of your vacation. Remember to bring a camera so you can capture these scenic views from great heights. Hawaii helicopter tours will be an adventure you’ll never forget, so book a flight today and explore the unexplored terrain of Hawaii’s beautiful land.


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