A Toast to Kona Brewing Co.

A bottle and glass of Longboard Lager from Kona Brewing Co.
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Cheers! To Kona Brewing Co. for being innovative in their bottle design. Glass Packaging Institute awarded the company’s Longboard Island Lager for its “innovation, packaged design and consumer appeal.”

Introduced in April 2013, the new design also has a smaller carbon footprint, according to an article by “Pacific Business News.” By working with a glass packing partner, the two companies discovered that they could reduce the weight of its bottles by 11-percent and make them h3er.

Kona Brewing Co. also offers Longboard Island Lager in cans for those who will be going somewhere that does not accept glass. This includes pools and beaches. We did a story once about how police officers patrolled Sandy Beach for opened bottles. Needless to say, beach-goers weren’t too psyched with getting cited when they should of been getting a tan.

Kona Brewing Co. is based out of Kailua-Kona and has two locations. One at Koko Marina Pub on Oahu and the other at Kona Pub & Brewery on the Hawaii Island. You can toast to their recent award or to a wonderful Hawaii vacation while you’re there!

Photo Courtesy: Kona Brewing Co.