5 Top Evening Strolls in Hawaii

Kaanapali walking path during the early evening
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I love taking evening strolls in Hawaii, especially after dinner when the sun has set. The sky is an inky blue that hasn’t quite surrendered to the blackness of night yet, and there’s enough light to see your path, but still dark enough to evoke the nocturnal senses. It’s the best way to relax before bed and seems to always guarantee me a good night’s sleep.

Hawaii is blessed with warm weather year round, so walking is the perfect way to get to know the area you’re staying in, and it allows for a little activity in your evening after a meal. Because I enjoy an after-dinner stroll so much, I’ve honed in on five of the best in Hawaii. Whether you’re vacationing on Oahu, Kauai, Maui or Big Island, here’s a handful of the Aloha state’s best evening strolls.

Waikiki Beach, Oahu

Many people vacation here and never discover the beach path that runs the entire length of Waikiki. They figure they might as well walk on the sidewalk that runs parallel to Kalakaua Ave., which is fine for daytime walks. But in the evening, the Waikiki path is simply beautiful. Bright stars meet the ocean and sailboats are lit up over the calm waters. Hotels and restaurants cast soft lights out into the water, which illuminate the fish in the shoreline. You can walk barefoot the entire time, since the path is a mixture of sand, concrete and a wooden boardwalk. It’s the perfect stroll if you’re staying in Waikiki, and even if not, I recommend seeking this pathway out for a romantic and relaxing evening activity.

The Grand Hyatt Kauai, Poipu, Kauai

For any south shore vacationers, the Grand Hyatt has an incredible property that is equally amazing to explore. You’ll wander past parrots, rainforests, water slides, tide pools, salt water ponds, black swans, hammocks, palm trees, swinging benches and so much more during this stroll. And if you want to walk beyond the Hyatt property, I recommend the easy trail along the coast to Makahuena Point. A lovely stroll for an evening under the night sky, Kauai is premiere when it comes to star gazing because of the low light pollution. You’ll surely be in awe over the evening beauty on this path.

Ka‘anapali Beach Path, Maui

This boardwalk stretches the entire length of Maui’s beautiful west side beach, Ka‘anapali. The path winds in front of the resorts along the sand, and you can deviate from the beach to the properties for shopping, coffee, food, activity booths and more. This route transitions from a bustling pathway for joggers, resort guests and locals during the day into a very quiet and peaceful stroll by night. Tiki torches light up the trail and the glow of resorts create a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere.

North Shore Bike Path, Haleiwa, Oahu

Spanning about 2.5 miles one-way, the North Shore Bike Path was created for the tight knit community members of Haleiwa. This paved pathway is basically a miniature road that parallels Kamehameha Highway and winds through thick rainforest and along the coast. You’ll stroll past mansions and sugar shacks, beach trails and parking lots, vacationers and local surfers- it’s a mix that represents the lifestyle of the North Shore.

Historic Kailua Village, Kailua-Kona, Big Island

This antique fishing village has been transformed into a charming town for visitors and locals to explore and enjoy, and evenings is perhaps the best time to do so. While you can find nightlife here after the sun sets, you can also enjoy a quiet stroll past the shops and restaurants, along the sand, rock walls and sidewalks. You’ll typically hear the cheerful tunes of live Hawaiian music floating on the breeze coupled with the fresh scent of salty air and plumerias- this is a Hawaii evening stroll at its finest.

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