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Cheap Eats in Kahului, Maui

*DING* “Aloha, Ladies and Gentlemen, on behalf of your flight crews, we want to welcome you to Maui. We hope you enjoy your stay!” (STOMACH GROWLS)

“Grrrrr knew I should have packed something from Los Angeles BEFORE boarding…I’M STARVING!!!”

Welcome to Maui! Now what’s there to eat around here?

OK, you just landed in Maui. You collect your luggage at the airport, then your stomach starts to growl with hunger. Airlines nowadays make you pay a large amount of money for domestic flight meals. That is, if you are flying economy • coach class, as many of us do. Recently, when I arrived to Kahului Airport, tourists flooded me with questions. Mostly, they wanted to know about cheap places to eat near the airport. I have to say that there are lots of cheap places to eat. Of course, there are the usual McDonalds, IHOP, Denny’s, Wendy’s and Subways. But I’m going to tell you where you can find really good cheap local eats.

Below is a list of places in Kahului that offer cheap eats, with a brief description of what they serve. Don’t worry, the kids will like it, too.


Kahului Ale House • 355 Kamehameha Ave • 70 E. Ka’ahumanu Ave) • 808-877-9001

Kahului Ale House provides you with a vast menu of pub fare, ranging from hot wings to Hawaiian plate lunches. During the day time and late evening, kids are welcomed. Tons of TV’s to watch your favorite sports games and awesome bar tenders. Big Portions. Non-smoking inside. FREE WIFI. Price Range: $$

Maui’s Mixed Plate • 70 E. Ka’ahumanu Ave • 808-877-0706

Maui’s Mixed Plate offers a variety of cuisines, ranging from local fare to Chinese fare. Fair Portions. They offer daily specials and have a hot food line. Kid Friendly. Non-smoking inside. Price Range: $

An ‘ono (delicious) Hawaiian plate lunch awaits you on Maui.


Koho’s Grill and Bar • 275 W. Ka’ahumanu Ave • 808-877-5588

Koho’s Grill and Bar offers a wide variety of local fare and typical pub fare. Kid Friendly. Non-smoking inside. Fair Portions. Drinks are great and the staff is super friendly. Price Range: $

Maui Tacos • 275 W. Ka’ahumanu Ave • 808-871-7726

Maui Tacos offers a wide variety of Mexican-American food. No alcohol is served at this location. Large Portions. On the second floor of the shopping center. They can also do catering for events. Price Range: $

Pearl’s Korean BBQ • 275 W. Ka’ahumanu Ave • 808-871-0788

Pearl’s Korean BBQ offers Korean cuisine and offers local fare also. Fair Portions. Located on the second floor. Price Range: $


Da Kitchen Grill • 425 Koloa Place • 808-871-7782

Da Kitchen Kahului offers a variety of local Hawaiian food and American pub fare. Big Portions for the price you pay! Price Range: $$

This list can go on and on. Above are the prime places to eat as soon as you get your rental vehicle and make the trek to your hotel or condo. These are my favorite places to eat at after coming home from a long mainland trip. Hope this list helps you stomp your extreme hunger when coming to Maui. Aloha and welcome to Maui, folks! The BEST island in the world!

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Nov 27, 2011