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Internet shopping for Hawaii Vacations is bad for your health

The title is really to get your attention. After doing the podcast on “over shopping the Internet” I felt the need to vent a little bit more about this topic. We are getting inundated with calls and requests from people who just can’t seem to understand the difference between what we do and what the online megastores do such as Travelocity and Expedia.

When you book with us you are not booking your trip “online,” it’s all humanized. All of our agents are trained professionals, independent contractors, who already know what the prices are on the various megastores sites that you see on the Internet. We see the same things you see. The thing that happens most often is that customers are deceived by what they see on the web and they think they’re getting a great deal but their not. Very often the great prices, when you take a closer look at what they are doing, any travel agent especially ones in Hawaii (like us) can meet and even beat those prices but the big difference is that you get personal service to make sure your trip is done right. So in other words, the same or cheaper price with the important value of service and also knowing that you are contributing to the Hawaii local economy. Keep in mind also if you want the great deals like that you will have to pay in full right away no deposits and pay later.

I can’t tell you how many horror stories I’ve gotten from people who have booked their Hawaii trips online. Getting customer service is a huge issue. Keep in mind when you’re traveling to Hawaii your not traveling to a mainland destination, that’s a big difference! In fact when you ask people who post negative comments where they booked their trip most of them will tell you “I booked it online” without any human interaction. Big mistake.

When you book with Hawaii-Aloha.com your booking your vacation with a human and not a faceless Internet company. Sure that's how you found us but once your initial interaction with our website is done, everything else is humanized. I guess that’s what I’ve been trying to say all along, book with us and we will have your back.

Posted by: Bruce Fisher on Feb 6, 2007