2 Arts Festivals Prosper in Honolulu

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There are two different arts festivals taking place on Oahu this month, PowWow! Hawaii and the Oahu Fringe festival. Pow!Wow! Hawaii focuses on the visual arts with a musical element, and the Oahu Fringe festival features performance art, music, dance, and theater.

Pow!Wow! Hawaii is a series of events that feature gallery shows, lecture series, schools for art and music, live art installations, music and art schools, and concerts. Over 100 international artists have come together for this year’s festival in Kakaako, which has quickly become a hotbed for creative types. The festival has grown since its beginning, and it’s expanding to cities around the globe as far afield as Jamaica, Germany, and New Zealand. The event runs through February 17.

This week’s events include mural artists creating works at a number of Kakaako locations, a print gallery at Fresh Café, a panel discussion on the music industry, and an art show at The Modern in Waikiki followed by an after-party. The event website has a full calendar of events.

Oahu Fringe is a four-day event that begins February 12 and takes place in primarily in Chinatown, home to a now firmly entrenched artistic and musical community. Notable among the many performances scheduled for Oahu Fringe is “Go With The Flow,” a family-friendly show billed as a “two-man three-ring circus” with comedy, acrobatics, and an entertaining story line about a circus janitors struggling to put on the show when the star performers have gone missing.

Oahu Fringe began in 2011. The original Fringe Festival has its humble beginning in Edinburgh, Scotland way back in 1947, and it has since grown to dozens of cities around the world. Oahu Fringe shares the original’s mission of celebrating original works of performance art in theater, music, and dance.

February visitors to Oahu have many opportunities experience Honolulu’s multi-cultural arts and music communities through these two festivals and the many events and artists they comprise. For more information about artists, event calendars, and venues, visit these websites:

Pow!Wow! Hawaii
February 7 – 17
Oahu Fringe Festival
February 12-15


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