10 Must-Have Accessories for Your Hawaii Vacation

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Everyone knows the obvious things to bring for their vacation to Hawaii. Things to wear like a bathing suit, walking shoes, sunglasses, maybe an oversized beach bag, a camera. But what about those little Accessories for your Hawaii Vacation you wouldn’t think to bring? Like those small items that go unnoticed, but might really help to maximize your vacation. Or maybe there are new gadgets out there you didn’t even know existed. Things to make your Hawaii getaway more enjoyable and… well niftier. We have compiled a list of things you may or may not have heard of to help you during your holiday in Hawaii.

Little Accessories for your Hawaii Vacation that are a must for your trip to Hawaii

Waterproof wallet: Lightweight and slim, waterproof wallets are a great way to take your personal belongings with you everywhere, even in the pool or ocean! Because there’s always the predicament of wanting to enjoy the ocean, but not wanting to leave your valuables unattended on the beach. By investing in a waterproof wallet, your problems are solved. There are all different varieties of waterproof wallets including ones that strap to your arm styles, waist, or wrist. Or just go for the simple, in-your-pocket type of waterproof wallet with the WITZ See it Safe brand (found on Amazon).

Collapsible water bottle: You’re probably likely to find these at a camping store, but something to note is that Vans, the original skate and surf company, has a new collapsible water bottle design out too. Canteens can be filled with water, and then once drunk, collapse to the size of a crushed soda can. These types of things act as great space savers, and can easily fit into a suitcase or purse. Since it’s imperative to drink lots of water while in Hawaii, at the very least consider bringing your own reusable water bottle. That way you won’t have to rely on ABC stores to purchase bottles throughout the day.

Croakies/Cablz. We’ve all heard of the classic Croakies. The sling for your sunglasses. They help prevent losing valuable shades and also are just downright convenient for sunny weather. But there is also a new look to Croakies, and that is Cablz. These streamlined croakies are slimmer, more comfortable, and more subtle fashion statements. With ball bearings in the connection points, they easily rotate when on your face, around your neck, or on top of your head. You can wear them in the water, or even surfing. They stay in place that well! So don’t risk losing your expensive pair of sunglasses, invest in a pair of Cablz for your next tropical vacation. Check out their store for more choices. Water shoes. Extremely handy while in Hawaii, water shoes are great for any type of outdoor activity and are wildly versatile. While you can’t wear them out for a nice dinner in Waikiki, you can trot around in them around the hotel, down to the pool, out snorkeling, and on your hike. They are the ideal Hawaii kicks, relatively inexpensive, and help you to maximize any type of outdoor adventure. Wearing water shoes, you won’t have to worry about stepping on spikey urchins in the reef or getting your Nike’s soaked crossing the river on a waterfall hike. You can charge in your water shoes without the fear of ruining a nice pair of tennies, plus your feet are protected at all times.

Mini binoculars. These don’t have to be the expensive kind. There are small, foldable binoculars available that really allow you to explore different parts of the island you wouldn’t have thought to check out. For example, the lineup at Pipeline. It’s interesting to see surfers in the water and get an up-close-and-personal view of them taking off and riding a wave. There is also plenty of bird watching to do in Hawaii, and binoculars will help you spot rare native species. Did you know mountain goats and other mufflons (sheep) live on the islands? You can see them scaling cliffs in the more remote areas of Hawaii and its impressive to watch them navigate the steep rocks up close. Binoculars also help you keep an eye out on children in the water, or as they enjoy a surf lesson.

Wet bags. These small plastic bags are ideal for beach and pool days, as they allow you to change out of your wet bathing suit and keep it with you without getting everything else wet. Often times you’ll enjoy a beach day, but then spend the remainder of the day on the road exploring, with no place to keep your wet suit. (And who likes to drive around all day wearing it?!) Wet bags allow you to hold onto the suit and keep the rest of your personal items dry.

Collapsible chair. The smaller it collapses, the better! You can find great beach chairs that fold up easily and fit into your suitcase, and these come in handy when you’re tired of lying in the sand. (Is that even possible?) But really, many people enjoy a chair when they’re at the beach because it’s ideal for lounging and relaxing. Most hotels don’t offer beach chairs for free, so it’s always a good idea to bring your own. Or if a chair is too big to fit in your suitcase, check below for our next recommendation.  You can find their eco-friendly bags here in lots of colors and sizes

Bamboo mats. You’ll find these everywhere in Hawaii. And you can pick one up once you arrive in the islands too. Actually, you’ll probably find them easier at an ABC store than you will anywhere else on the mainland, so it’s probably best to save the suitcase space and purchase a mat once you’re in Hawaii. These act as an alternative to beach towels. You can lay them out in the sand and they don’t soak up water like terry cloth, so they’re a great switch-up from the normal beach towel. Roll them up like a yoga mat and they fit easily into small spaces, in case you want to take yours home with you.

Waterproof camera or phone case. Increasingly common, waterproof electronics and waterproof cases are easy to find and highly recommended for Hawaii. If you don’t want to invest in an underwater camera, try spending half the cost on a waterproof case for your smartphone, so you can take underwater photos and videos. Even if you don’t plan on taking underwater pictures, having waterproof electronics is smart for other reasons, such as rain or heavy salt air. It’s a great way to protect your expensive gadgets while also allowing you free range to use them.

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