My name is Bruce Fisher. I’m a Hawaii Vacation Evangelist and the founder of I have lived here in the islands for 19 years and have developed a special affinity and enthusiasm for this wonderful place. I’m so grateful that each and every day I can help folks plan

Over the last few years I have embraced blogging, podcasting, vodcasting and social networking because it has given me the opportunity to share the things I love about Hawaii and offer valuable information to readers. I think it’s very important that, when you visit Hawaii, you are able to connect in a real way with the people who live here. My goal has been to use this blog to help establish that connection.

Our blog is similar to a playbook you can use to learn about Hawaii from the perspective of people in the tourism industry who actually live here in Hawaii. It’s designed to help you learn how things are done in the islands and how you can be more comfortable while you’re here. Additionally, we hope that this blog will give you some insight into and appreciation of things Hawaiian beyond anything you might learn from travel books, magazines or even surfing the Internet. We cover every imaginable subject about Hawaii — from the meaning of a Lei greeting to the Dances of the Dolphins. The postings reflect the Hawaiian Islands, their culture and their lifestyle as accurately and thoroughly as possible. The tone is anecdotal, breezy, and devoid of any commercialism. Start at the beginning, or skip around. It’s all fun stuff to know.

You can reach Bruce via email at: