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What should you consider when planning an extended month long Hawaii vacation? Aloha Bruce Fisher has some answers about a long Hawaii visit on this Thursday, January 19, 2023, episode of the Hawaii Vacation. Length of stay, accommodations, transportation…Bruce offers some important, expert insight on the key aspects of spending weeks in Hawaii.

Up first is some of the latest Hawaii travel news, starting with the volcanic haze, or “vog”, that has settled over the state as the eruption at Kilauea Volcano on Hawaii Island and our “Kona weather” continue. Bruce notes the difficulties that those with respiratory conditions can experience in vog conditions. Bruce also notes a recent box jellyfish influx at Ala Moana Beach on Oahu, when a child required transport to an emergency room in critical condition following a sting. “It’s very, very painful,” Bruce says, and reminds visitors to heed warning signs.

Bruce moves on to discuss billionaire Larry Ellison, the owner of Oracle and 95% of Lanai, being stopped for speeding on the Pineapple Isle. “Apparently, if you own your own island, you kind of get away with things,” Bruce remarks. “The people that actually live there aren’t exactly thrilled with Larry Ellison.”

Bruce mentions a Fodor’s Travel article that discourages travelers from visiting Maui due to problems with the limited water supply. He recalls a recent HAT trip to the Valley Isle during the normally-rainy season that saw very little rainfall. “It was scary how dry it was,” Bruce says. He notes some local reaction to over-tourism and water use.

On to the main topic of planning a month long Hawaii vacation, Bruce says HAT has received multiple inquiries about extended Hawaii vacations of late. “We had a lot of this during the pandemic,” Bruce says. He makes the distinction between a “get ‘zen’ with nature” adventure and an actual planned family vacation. “It’s not gonna be cheap,” Bruce levels.

The number of people traveling is the most important thing to consider and to whether others will join the extended stay. Next, the type of accommodations (condo, resort, hotel) you’ll want should be clear when planning a month-long Hawaii vacation. “If you’re going to be here with four people for a month, you’re going to need at least $25K,” Bruce points out. “We’re talking all-in.”

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Bruce recommends a combination of resorts and condos, although it will depend on your budget. When it comes to transportation, he says, “That’s where you can save money if you plan it right.” Also, Bruce recommends visiting more than one island during a month long Hawaii vacation. A longer Hawaii stay will allow more time to spend on whatever islands you choose. “I like the idea of staying on one island and really immersing yourself.” Bruce shares some options for what islands to visit and how long to spend in various locations.

The vacation rental option is discussed, and Bruce shares some of the opposition to and pitfalls that may come with them during a month long Hawaii vacation. Bruce then speaks to the importance of travel insurance for an extended Hawaii stay, noting that Hawaii Aloha Travel offers protection that includes coverage for medical treatments that may become necessary.

Planning for a month long Hawaii vacation is crucial to making it successful, and Hawaii Aloha Travel is here to help you make that happen. Aloha!