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Today we discuss the topic of small group travel to Hawaii, based on a Facebook follower’s question regarding a Hawaii vacation for his age-varying family:

“Traveling with a wide variety of ages and interests…. what is the best way to accommodate everyone…we have 5 children between 3 and 10…. and four adults between 35 and 65…. we’d like to do as much as reasonably possible for everyone to have a memorable time”.

Our first response to this question is that Hawaii is truly ideal for families, especially multi generation families and groups. This is because there really is something for everyone to do; activities in Hawaii range from easy walks in town and along the beaches, to a hopping nightlife, to ocean sports and activities, culinary experiences, driving tours, museums, thrill-seeking adventures, pool-side lounging, spas, shopping, and everything else you could think of. Honestly, you couldn’t come to a better place if you have family members anywhere between the ages of 0-90 (and beyond!).

When planning a group travel, even if it’s with family, we always recommend appointing a “group leader”. Many times, parents take on this role, but if you’re traveling with older people, there may be someone in the group that has more experience in travel planning, or Hawaii, or naturally just wants to take on this role. Group leaders ensure that everyone gets a little representation while on vacation. For example, if one of the afternoons is dedicated to shopping for some of the girls, then the group leader should make sure to plan another afternoon that is dedicated to what the other folks want to do. If it’s surf lessons or a hike to a waterfall, everyone should be able to get one of their preferred activities in.

A big concern of group travel vacationers is price. But just because you’re traveling with a large amount of people, this doesn’t mean you’ll be spending more money. In fact, many travel companies can save you money on airfare and accommodations if you’re doing group travel. And Hawaii Aloha specializes in getting exclusive deals and cheap prices on activities and such for the whole family. A good way to save money while on vacation is to rent a condo that has a kitchen. This way, you can plan and make your own meals and save bucco bucks day-to-day.

Another suggestion for group travel is cruise ships. They are a great way to see the Hawaiian Islands, and onboard the ships there are activities to keep you busy every hour of every day. You can stay as active as you’d like, with outdoor pools, spas, gyms, wine tasting, dining, live entertainment, lounges, kid-friendly clubs, informative classes, arts and crafts, and seriously so much more, there is enough stuff going on within these cruise ships to keep everyone busy and happy.

Here are a few more tips for group travel:

  • Don’t try to please everyone, it simply can’t be done. If your expectations are set too high, you are likely to be disappointed.
  • Choose activities wisely, as not everyone will want to do the same thing. Plan alternate activities and itineraries, in case people want to split/branch off and do something different.
  • If you’re planning a family vacation or group travel, we recommend having a minimum of 10 people to maximize your potential deals. If the group size falls below the 10-person threshold, you can lose money.
  • Treat different groups accordingly. For example, a family vacation vs. a corporate or business group travel will have very different schedules and activities planned. Both groups have different needs, and for business trips, planned meals and other activities are very important, as these types of social gatherings lends itself to team building. Try outrigger canoe paddling for some ultimate team building practice!
  • We recommend planning a group travel to Oahu, as this island is known to offer the most for things to do on a day-to-day basis.