Hawaii’s Best Breakfast Spots

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You need to fuel up to make the most of your day during a Hawaii vacation, and on this podcast we’ll talk about the best places to get an island-style breakfast to start your day.

A healthy serving of bacon, SPAM and eggs or a slice of papaya and cup of stout coffee make for a perfect way to start your day. It’s easy enough to fast food it, to swing through a drive-through or grab a premade sandwich from a gas station or convenience store. We’ll talk favorite about homegrown breakfast alternatives that support local businesses and farms.

Places like Boots & Kimo’s, Ethel’s Grill, Goofy, Koko Head Café, and Jack’s on Oahu are favorite breakfast joints that most visitors never find. On Maui, it’s Da Kitchen, Slappy Cakes, and Leona’s Bakery that serve up day-starting fare that every area resident knows but many tourists miss.

In Kona on the Big Island, places like 808 Grindz and Frenchman’s Café feed hungry workers sturdy repasts every morning. We’ll talk about how a good breakfast really is “the most important part of your day.” And we discuss how a good local breakfast is the best way to start your day on a Hawaii vacation.

We podcast about Hawaii
because we love Hawaii.

We take breakfast seriously in Hawaii. The sound of spoons tinkling on coffee cups and forks scraping up the last bit of hash browns and Portuguese sausage are a morning song, and we here in Hawaii don’t take it lightly. You have to be properly nourished to make the most of your days in paradise.

We’re here to offer genuine local perspectives and favorites about Hawaii’s best places for a hearty meal to start your day, and to support local and family-owned businesses that most visitors to the Aloha State never find.