Do you need a Hotel on the Beach when Vacationing in Hawaii?

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Aloha Bruce breaks down the specifics of booking beachside accommodations on our latest Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast. Bruce says he’s confident in Hawaii’s reopening to tourism as cases trend downward and COVID-19 vaccines become more available. He also notes the success of the state’s Hawaii Safe Travels program and the benefit of vacationing n Hawaii.

Bruce says that there are great deals and real value in booking accommodations that are near the beach as opposed to “on the beach” in Waikiki when vacationing in Hawaii. He notes that the same types of properties are available all over the Aloha State.

Many visitors make staying “on the beach” their priority when vacationing in Hawaii. There are deals out there at beachfront properties, Bruce says, where you can save by booking a room without an ocean view. You’re still on the beach!

Bruce mentions a recent honeymoon client that was faced with a $1K-plus markup for a room with an ocean view. “Put the property over the view,” Bruce offers. “Getting an ocean view always jacks up the price when vacationing in Hawaii.”

Our host also shares some insider tips about booking on the east side of Kauai and says that some “on the beach” properties in Hawaii are not located in places with beaches that are safe for recreational or novice swimmers.

With his characteristic good nature and candor, Bruce says that “waking up on the beach” is an unreal expectation for the vast majority of Hawaii visitors vacationing in HAwaii, simply because there are very few places available in Hawaii where you can “get out of bed and step onto the beach.”

It’s better to get the most out of your vacation budget than to over-spend for a “room with a view”. Bruce tells it like it is on this new Hawaii Vacation Connection Podcast.