The History of Hawaii Tourism – Remembering Hawaii Calls

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Then Vacation Connection Podcast gets away from the constant stream of information and concern about COVID-19 in Hawaii on our latest episode. Aloha Bruce and Lanai Tabura talk about the “Hawaii Calls” tourism campaign in the islands from days gone by. Bruce says he ran across an old video while researching in his free time and he and Lanai discuss advertising copy from 1965.

Lanai talks about old-style plantation homes that remain in Waikiki that owners continue to live in them despite the massive growth of Waikiki Tourism. Our hosts talk about the first hotels in and offer some interesting tidbits about Waikiki tourism history. Lanai talks about the history of the Royal Hawaiian Hotel property.

Lanai says that Hawaii experienced a huge surge in tourism because of Don Ho and Elvis Presley. He remembers the performers that Don Ho featured in his show. Lanai says that early in his career he performed with Don Ho and shares personal stories about the experience.

It’s an in-depth look at the history of tourism and entertainment in the Aloha State. Bruce talks about celebrities he met while working in Hawaii radio decades ago. Our hosts fondly recall a number of iconic Hawaii shows and names like Andy Bumatai, Frank Delima, and Al Harrington.

It’s an enlightening and entertaining walk down memory lane for our hosts, as Bruce plays an edited clip from long ago. It features facts and stories that most visitors would never be aware of, the kind of insight the experts at Hawaii Aloha Travel specialize in.

Aloha Bruce and Lanai offer their perspectives of what entertainment in Hawaii might look like in a post-COVID world. It’s a great, upbeat listen during a difficult time in Hawaii tourism.