Visiting Hawaii’s Plantation Village

The entrance sign to Hawaii Plantation Village in Waipahu
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Join Lanai Tabura as he takes you on a short tour of Hawaii’s Plantation Village. Located in Waipahu on the west side of Island of Oahu, this is a historic landmark few visitors to Hawaii ever get to see.

Hawaii’s Plantation Village is synonymous with the story of Hawaii. Walking through this special place you’ll get the sense of how the many cultures which immigrated to the islands worked and lived together. All of the buildings reflect the various ethnic groups who worked in the sugarcane plantations from the turn-of-the-century to the 1930s.

During this time in history Hawaii wasn’t even a nation and had not even been annexed to the United States. Workers weren’t even paid cash but instead were given “bangos” which could be redeemed for merchandise and food. All of historic buildings have been re-created to bring you back to a particular time and place of plantation living.

Visiting Hawaii’s plantation Village is a trip back in time to the struggles hardships and adjustments these brave hard working immigrants went through during an important part of the history of Hawaii.